Cochiti Pueblo Frog Figurine

Pueblo Frog Figure.jpg

Damacia Cordero was a legend from Cochiti Pueblo. Her storyteller figurines and animal creations were unlike any other potters' work. She was one of the most prolific figurine potters of the 20th century, yet her pieces are some of the most sought after. She made figurines with more character and expression than the majority of potters.

Not only was Damacia Cordero herself famous as an artist, she produced four very talented daughters who achieved notoriety as potters too: Josephine Arquero, Gloria Herrera, Marie Laweka, and Martha Arquero. All of the family specialized in making figurines: storytellers, nacimientos, clowns, and animals.

Cordero's figurines are recognizable even when not signed by the artist. One trait she seemed to favor was bullseye eyeballs. That, along with a smile on the face, made each of her pieces charming. This frog is signed Damacia Cordero, but would be recognizable as her work even if it was not signed. It is the largest Cochiti frog figurine of ones we have had in the past.  On its back is a rain cloud symbol and on the front is a traditional Cochiti pottery design.