Glossary of Kachina Dolls

Antelope Dancer Kachina Doll: Dances to increase its numbers, brings rain.

Badger Dancer Kachina Doll

Badger Dancer Kachina Doll: The Badger can cure the sick, so Native Americans offer him prayers and healing herbs.

Bear Dancer Kachina Doll

Bear Dancer Kachina Doll: The Bear Kachina also has the power to cure the sick.

Broadface Dancer Kachina Doll

Broadface Dancer Kachina Doll: This kachina carries yucca whips to make people of the village join together to clean the community areas.

Butterfly Dancer Kachina Doll

Butterfly Dancer Kachina Doll: Represents the butterfly that lands on
flowers, then the medicine man uses these in his medications.

Butterfly Maiden Kachina Doll

Butterfly Maiden Kachina Doll: The Palhik Mana, or Butterfly Maiden, is one of the most popular kachinas, which is beautifully dressed and usually not masked. This kachina doll typically includes butterfly and corn symbols.

Chasing Star Dancer Kachina Doll

Chasing Star Dancer Kachina Doll: He is a symbol for the plants and the stars, and can resurrect those that have fallen from the sky, by lifting them back up to the stars.

Chief Dancer Kachina Doll

Chief Dancer Kachina Doll: Chief Dancer is an ancient kachina who
represents the power of knowledge.

Corn Maiden Dancer Kachina Doll

Corn Maiden Dancer Kachina Doll: The Corn Maiden purifies the women who grind the corn for ceremonies and other uses.

Deer Dancer Kachina Doll

Deer Dancer Kachina Doll: Dances with the promise to increase more deer so that villagers will have plenty to eat in the future.

Hoop Dancer Kachina Doll

Hoop Dancer Kachina Doll: Amuses the audience who are watching
the ceremony, tossing rings that represent the circle of life.

Long-Haired Kachina Dancer Doll

Long-Haired Kachina Dancer Doll: Called Angak'china, the Long-Haired Kachina, is a bringer of rain and flowers. Their songs and dances are beautiful and a favorite of the Hopi. The Long-Haired kachinas wear long flowing hair that represent the rain falling.

Medicine Man Kachina Doll

Medicine Man Kachina Doll: Medicine Man can prevent illness and cure the sick. He mixes medicinal herbs and roots together and gives medical advice.

Road Runner Dancer Kachina Doll

Road Runner Dancer Kachina Doll: The Roadrunner Kachina helps to bring the rain, and can ward off witchcraft to protect homes in the village.

Snow Dancer Kachina Doll

Snow Dancer Kachina Doll: She brings the right amount of snow and cold weather needed to grow their important food crops.

White Cloud Dancer Kachina Doll

White Cloud Dancer Kachina Doll: White Cloud Kachina brings rain for needed food crops and  is a representative for the presence of clouds.

White Wolf Dancer Kachina Doll

White Wolf Dancer Kachina Doll: He is the hunter who uses his knowledge to help villages locate and catch needed game animals. He makes certain that here will be enough food for the coming winter.