Class Expectations for Writing Assignments

Coversheet: With every analytical writing assignment that you submit, you should copy & paste this writing coversheet as the first page of your essay. At the top of the coversheet write your name & fill out the section that says "student reflection" with the following information in either paragraph to bullet point format:

  • What you attempted to accomplish in the work
  • What you learned from writing it
  • What challenges you discovered
  • Areas of your work where you see improvement
  • What parts of the paper you think still needs work
  • What specific questions you have about the piece that you want feedback on (perhaps what you think are problem areas within the work and would like help in improving)
  • hat you might do differently in a revision

Saving your assignments: Please always save your assignments with the file name: LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME_name-of-assignment-as-it-is-written-in-Google-Classroom. Then submit the document as a PDF.

Submitting as a PDF: In an attempt to do my small part of environmental stewardship, I grade all assignments (except for in-class quizzes) electronically. However, the app that best serves my purposes requires that documents be PDFs. Please submit all your final papers as PDFs in Google Classroom. 

In order to do so, follow these instructions:

In Google Docs: FILE —> Download as... —> PDF

In Google Classroom: Click the assignment —> Add

—>File—>Downloads - select your document—> Turn In

MLA Format: All writing assignments should be submitted with MLA formatting. For details on what this includes Purdue OWL offers a style guide. 

Late Assignments: If you hand in an assignment late, you cannot receive higher than a 2.5 on the following DMO: I manage my time effectively and meet my major benchmarks and deadlines. 

If you cannot demonstrate that you completed an assigned pre-writing exercise OR produce an assignment that is incomplete, you cannot receive higher than a 3.5 on the above DMO.